Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wind Fall Hits is following the trend and are installing a new script also. So there will be some downtime but it should be minimal. They also posted another 18.5% return this week. A couple of things I really like about this program is that one your windfalls never expire they just keep on earning and second is that they list the earnings for everyone to see each and every week along with what reserves there are for any slow weeks.

Ads Daily Pro Is really surprising me. I have been keeping a eye on the stats as usual and they are staying real good. Payments are being made quickly and on time. Diane is really showing she might have the makings of a good Admin.

Ad-Ventures4U is having some issues with their site but Steve and company are all over it and things should be back to normal shortly.

I was paid from.
Wind Fall Hits
PAC Revenue Share