Thursday, August 27, 2009

New program just started called Paid Like That. We all like instant pay sites and now we have one from a new Admin. that will play the game honestly and not run with our money. Pays 10% for 14 days and accepts Alert Pay only so if you want to join in a honest instant pay site he is one for you.
Now after you surf you will need to request cash out and then you need to go to your cash out history and click on the cash out now button and you will be paid instantly.

Seems like someone has been trying to hack into Ad-Ventures4U. Steve says that they have not gained access and that they are fighting them off at this time.

PAC Revenue Share showed better ROI today as was expected after the down time of the other day so things are looking good there again.

I was paid from.
Paid Like That
PAC Revenue Share