Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What can I say about Ad Rebates Pro but wow. Another 10% day and no signs of slowing down. I am well into profit here and it is still growing.

Received another update from My Market Shares and once again I shall just post her email.
Dear regillett,

My Market Shares has become far and away the strongest and best revenue share in the market today! As a thank you to our members we have decided to have a special offer for you. As you know the downtime this week did cause a couple of issues and and because of that we aren't at max ROI yet. So for any member that upgrades 10% of their current pip balance before earnings tomorrow will receive the full 20% ROI. Not to worry for those that can take advantage of this offer. We will still have a very good and respectable ROI for this week. We are currently at 6%.

Prior to earnings being given we will be giving surfing credits to everyone up to yesterday so make sure you surf today.

Margaret and Team

A program that I am also enjoying is Cascadia Trust. Josh is staying real active and has sais that outside investments are doing good. Maybe you should take a look at this one. Remember it is a low ROI so the risk is also a lot lower.