Monday, October 5, 2009

I am looking to benefactor a few people in at My Market Shares. If you are willing to surf 15 sites a day and are wanting to join this great program go a head and sign up under my link and give me your id and once I confirm you have joined I will pay your way in. Right now it is for 5 people only so join up and send me a mail at

One program that has really been surprising me is True Rev Share they will stay open for new registration until they reach 500 pro members and then they will go private. All that I have been able to read about this program on my research is how it will have a legit out side income with Forex so if all this is true it will be a good program to join. and at time of writing this they are at 193 pro members.

Surf-O-Matic has made its come back and is proving that it can and should be here for a long time. Returns are very sustainable and Randy has shown he is a honest Admin. as he did not run with the money just worked it out and now is making payments again.