Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Market Shares had a problem with their server last night. I will just post margarets email so you can follow those instructions.

Well as you all know there was a problem with the server last night. The hosting and support has worked hard to do what they could to restore as much as possible. Now this is a very simple fix but i need your cooperation. What i need is for the following.

1) try and log in. If your account is able to log in just sit tight.
2) If your account is not able to log in make a new account. Use SAME information you used before.
3) once new account is made open a support ticket with your old id #. and your upline if you knew. and any other important information.
4) wait for the next update.

Once the accounts are set i can go in and add the PIPS again.

You can also add your sites back in.

The good thing is that I have already finished payments and there was none pending. so this should be easy to over come. Since there are no earnings generated since Tuesday night all account earnings were at 0.00 and once all accounts are re established we can get the PIPS in and we should be good to go. Wallets will be checked after PIPS are secured. As long as there are not many un needed tickets this should be a fast process.

Please Share this with anyone who may not have received it in forums and social networks where applicable.

Lets take this as a speed bump in the road to success. We can take this as a learning tool and move on better and brighter then before.

A Huge Thanks
Margaret and Team