Friday, July 31, 2009

The new script for Ad-Ventures4U and Forum Traffic are being implemented at this time. Do not go and log into either site as all this causes is more work and down time. They will sent you a mail when it is ready to go and start surfing again.

Joined another site today. I have been watching Wind Fall Hits for a while now and they have been posting 18% + on the profit share. The wind falls that you buy never expire so there is no 50/50 rule at this time. You also only have to surf 100 sites a week be it all at once or some each day. The only thing that I am a little concerned about is the no expiry on wind falls so I di not go in very big. I guess time will tell.

Surfing Legacy is going to reopen with a more sustainable ROI. Gilbert is in the process of expiring all old purchases and they will show in your cash out history as waiting. As profits build from the restart he will pay the old pendings as he can. Also it looks like there will be a 50/50 cash out rule for all new cash outs with the new program.

I was paid last night/today from.
Gold Nugget Invest
Goddess Ads