Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ad-Ventures4U sent this out and since I did not get it I thought I would post it on my blog in case some of you did not receive it also.

Ladies & Gentleman,

As you know the performance of the system has been degrading again recently. Whilst anything that impacts our ability to earn and promote is frustrating this is one problem that we can handle and have several options to consider.

First we used faster hardware with more processing power. Then we added more RAM. Then we added more servers. The growth has been phenominal! And we have to thank you for your part in that growth!

However the time has come to add some modifications to the script so that the servers you use in your day to day business with us do not get clogged up with unnecessary processing.

To that end we are going to change much of the front end of the script and this requires migrating the data from your old account to the new system.

We have tried to do this while you are surfing on the live system however that does not seem possible because as we speak the growth continues exponentially.

Therefore we are offering you a day off! We have plenty of inventory at this time so it makes sense to take advantage of that and spend the next 24 to 36 hours moving all data and testing the entire process at our leisure!

The benefit of a this extended maintenance period is that we can thoroughly check the conversion without having to run it again and risk losing data between the conversions. We may invite a few people to beta test the site and check the changes we have made. There is no need to volunteer (we know how much fun/pain beta tests can be!).

Steve is currently out of the office but has authorised this process. As soon as he can he will be contacting you with an updated.

Kind Regards,

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