Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wow a busy day today!

Cloud Share is a new program that has just opened for registration and will launch in a few days. It will also be a profit share program and from what I have heard the Admin. is a real honest and respected person. So if your interested go ahead and sign up so you can receive the updates as they come from him.

I also joined another profit share program that has been running for around a year now. The program struggled for a while but the Admin. Linda would not give up and now she has modeled her program after Adventures4u. Ad Traffic Explosion has been showing very good Roi of 15% of higher so if you like Adventures4u then this program will fit right in for you.

Just got an update from Easy US Dollars and once again people need to stop complaining to AP about a program that has promised to refund you. I have no Idea what they think they are going to accomplish by this as very seldom does AP give refunds and most of the time all that happens is that the Admin. account is frozen and then no one gets their money back. Nothing is guaranteed in this or any other business and if you can not handle it do not play period.

PAC Revenue Share is in pre launch also they will start taking deposits tomorrow. Here is some of the update from Kazzy.
PAC Revenue Share will be different from any other Revenue Share out there because of 3 Important Features.

1. There will be BOTH a Minimum and Maximum Cap on ROI. So Rebates will be Steady between 3% and 9% Daily.

2. Payouts will be Daily

3. No Compounding.

We also agree with many of you that there has to be a re-purchase level to stop "Heavy Hitters" taking advantage of the system. So here it is.

You will be required to Re-Purchase at least 50% or more of your payout to earn 100% of the Rebates for the Current Day. If you don't, it's ok but you will be paid 50% of the Rebates.

Here is an example:

If your payout for today is $100, you will be required to Repurchase at least $50. At Midnight, when the Rebates have been calculated and the Rate is 9%, you will be paid 9% of your total AdPacks. If you didn't Re-Purchase, you will be paid 4.5% of your AdPacks.
Ok, this will be a brand new site, so you will all have to sign up again. We are offering 12% Refferal Commission on your downline's first deposit and 3% on all subsequent deposits. We have a 7-Day Test-Drive Period. In this period there will be 2 differences.

- The minimum will be $5, on the 24th of July it will be $50.

- You will be allowed to Withdraw to Cash Balance. After the 24th, this feature will be cancelled.

Here are the future main changes:

The minimum will raised to $100 after 6 weeks and $250 after 12 weeks and stay at that level for the lifetime of the Program.

The Maximum Deposit will be raised to $25,000 on Oct 16th.

There will be fees from August 16th. These will be paid quarterly.

- Basic Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $1000 - $25 Quarterly

- Associate Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $7500 - $75 Quarterly

- VIP Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $15000 -25000 - $150 Quarterly.
So this should be another long term investment that you should look at closely.

Also Accelerated Profits has reopened to new sign ups. They did not say for how long so if you were wanting in here is your chance.

I was paid last night/today from.
Gold Nugget Invest
Goddess Ads