Friday, December 4, 2009

I really do not like this time of the year as far as the biz goes. I am looking for new programs and then I find red flags on them so I pass. Guess I will just sit on the sidelines and stay with the programs that are working for me right now.

Two programs I would like to mention that if you have not joined them you really might want to is Gold Nugget Invest and Genius Funds. Both have stood the test of time and in some cases hackers. They both have paid me quickly every time. They have both had their small problems but each and every time have came out better and stronger.

Also I need to mention Surf-O-Matic. I do believe Randy has hit a big winner here for all of us. He has stated more than once that it is self sustaining now and payments have been real quick. I do believe that this is a surf that has shown to stand the test of time.